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Department of Paediatrics | SNS Hospital

SNS hospital providing the best treatments for Paediatrics, we have well equipped facilities and our experienced consultant caters to medical needs of toddlers  and new borns.

Treatment Features of Paediatrics

  • Out Patient Medical Consultation for Children
  • Vaccination
  • Postnatal follow up of Newborns
  • Level 1 NICU

At SNS hospital we have level 1, well equipped  Neonatal Intensive Care Unit to provide specialised care to unwell newborn babies .

The NICU is designated to provide maximum safety , comfort , cleanliness and medical care to infants.

The NICU admissions are required in cases such as

  1. Jaundice of the newborn
  2. Infant respiratory distress
  3. Preterm birth
  4. Lowbirth weight babies

SNS hospital, Being the best health care provider, We have an experienced and skilled staffs trained in NICU

  • Infant Warmers
    • small beds with heaters over them to help babies maintain body temperature
  • Phototherapy
    • Phototherapy is used to treat babies with jaundice .
  • Monitors
    • Help doctors and staff to keep track of baby vital signs
  • Feeding Tubes
    • Premature babies  who are  not able to breast feed are given feeding through tubes
  • Infusion Pumps
    • Helps us to give fluids and medicines to the baby
  • IV`s
    • IV  acess allows medications to be given through veins

Babies are admitted to the NICU when they are born early, have problems in breathing, feeding or other health problems.

Usually babies are admitted in NICU within a day after delivery and discharged as they recover.

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