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Department of Anaesthesia | SNS Hospital

We have an experienced and skilled Anaesthetist to cader to the emergency and elective surgeries.
Anaesthetists are specialists who provide pain relief during surgery. Our Anaesthetist  will meet the patient and evaluate the patient `s medical condition before planning for a  surgery . He also ensures that the patient is comfortable while recovering from surgery. SNS hospital one of the trusted hospital for Anaesthesia surgeries.

Best Anaesthesia surgery hospital

  • General Anaesthesia
  • Regional Anaesthesia
  • Local Anaesthesia

Types of Anaesthesia treatments available in SNS hospital Neyveli

General Anaesthesia used for major surgeries.

Regional Anaesthesia – Spinal / Epidural Anaesthesia used for painless delivery, caesarean delivery , Gynaecological surgeries.

Local Anaesthesia used in minor procedures like incision and drainage, cyst removal, excision of mole or while receiving stiches.

Facilities for Anaesthesia in SNS Hospital

  • Modular Operation Theatres with ultraviolet lights to maintain sterile environment.
  • Laminar airflow system of air circulation inside the operation theatres to purify and maintain constant circulation and supply of purified air throughout the surgery which is essential to prevent infections.
  • We provide separate corridors for doctors, staffs , patients and instruments and other utilities which abides by the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals (NABH) standards.
  • Well-equipped theatre with anaesthesia machine and monitors and infusion pumps.
  • Central supply of oxygen, vacuum, air throught our hospital to meet emergency requirements.
  • Monitors -to help doctors and staff to monitor pulse, blood pressure , heart rate of patients in ward , theatre post-operative unit
  • Infusion pumps – to give drugs and medications
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