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Modular Operation Theatres

modular operation theater with laminar flow technology-in-neyveli

Laminar flow theatres aim to reduce the number of infective organisms in the theatre air by generating a continuous flow of bacteria free air. In laminar flow theatres air may be ‘changed’ in theatre more than 300 times per hour compared to standard positive pressure theatre rates of 15-25 air changes per hour. Laminar flow systems are also capable of generation levels of colony forming units in the atmosphere below 10CFU/m3. The number of particles in the theatre air is also lower than in turbulent systems.

Advantages of Modular Operation Theatres ( Modular OT)

  • Infection free environment
  • Hi-Tech & Fast Workstations
  • Controlled Process

Modular Operation Theatres | SNS Hospital

SNS hospital has fully equipped Modular Operation Theaters with Laminar Flow system. SNS hospital always ensuring the quality treatments. We are providing well comfortable environment for patients and our surgical teams. SNS hospital is the first hospital in Cuddalore district to have Modular Operation Theaters with Laminar Flow System.

Entire body of air within a designated space (theatre suite) moving with uniform velocity in a single direction along parallel flow lines. True laminar flow is only achieved when approximately 100% HEPA filter coverage occurs. Laminar flow ventilation comprises a continuous flow of highly filtered ultraclean air (UCA) of less than 10 colony-forming units per metre cubed (cfu/m3) of bacteria. This is re-circulated under positive pressure into the operating theatre with surgically generated contaminants being continuously removed.

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