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Department of Diabetology | SNS Hospital

Bringing diabetes under control with our experienced diabetologist. Individualised approach and right treatment plan.

SNS hospital has one of the best, dedicated diabetologist with wide knowledge and experience and a keen interest in diabetology and vast exposure in modern treatment plans and work experience in tertiary care centres, medical colleges  and premiere hospitals like madras medical mission.

State of the art medical infrastructure and equipments for Diabetes treatment.

  • Dedicated and experienced Diabetologist
  • Modern laboratory facilities
  • Doppler scan
  • Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM)
  • Insulin infusion pumps
  • Day care services
  • Biothesimetry
  • Mono-filament testing
  • Foot care
  • Kidney care

Treatment Features of Diabetology

Hospitals in Neyveli CuddalorePatient experience world class treatment protocol with an individualized treatment . Control of blood glucose needs to be tailored for every patient with care. A  well  CONTROLLED BLOOD GLUCOSE  helps to prevent future complications of diabetes like kidney , eye and nerve complications .

diabetology-lap-testing-in-neyveli-best-diabetologist-in-neyeli-dr.arunprasadAt SNS hospital, we have good quality laboratory facilities, which is utmost essential in monitoring and diagnosing diabetologies. Being one of the best diabelogy hospital in Neyveli. The tests are used to monitor the kidney and liver functions starting insulin therapy. complications of diabetes like ketosis , renal failiure can be monitored.

doppler-scan-center-in-neyveli-sns-hospitalDoppler scan of the  leg is essential in screening for blocks in the blood vessels of limbs which is a complication of long term and uncontrolled diabetes. We at SNS Hospital providing the Doppler scan with latest technology .

glucose-monitoring-center-in-neyveli-sns-hospital*Adjustment on insulin therapy in cases with complications
*During the process of delivery in a diabetic mother.
*Continuous Glucose Monitoring automatically tracks blood glucose levels, also called as blood sugar, throughout the day and night.

insulin-infusion-pumbs-treatments-in-neyveli-sns-hospital*For the administration of insulin in a continuous or phased  for uncontrolled diabetes

*Adjustment on insulin therapy in cases with complications , during the process of delivery in a diabetic mother.

best-diabetologist-in-neyveliMay be required for patients with minor illnesses and minor surgical procedures . Consultant led day care facility is offered .

biothesimetry-in-neyveli-sns-hospital*Biothesimetry is a non invasive test to detect neurological or nerve damage
*Which is complication of long standing and uncontrolled diabetes
*The vibrometer is used to detect the sensations  and reports are issued according to the area of decreased sense on the foot .

monofilament-diabets-treatments-in-neyveli-nlc oppositeSimple, rapid and economical testing done to detect nerve damages of the foot . Our dialysis unit with a consultant Nephrologist is an ongoing project and will be fully functional within few months.

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