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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions at SNS hospital. We are constantly adding most asked question to this page so if you have a question and don’t see your answer, don’t hesitate to email us at

SNS Hospital is multispecialty hospitals and offer the complete range of medical and surgical specialties, with highly experienced doctors.

SNS Hospital Facilities are:

SNS Hospital Treatments:

SNS hospital caters to women , Diabetics , Children covering the entire spectrum of women health issues and Diabetic treatment .

We have consultant Laparoscopic Surgeon  and Orthopeadic Surgeon to pergorm emergency and elective surgeries.

Our Obstetrics and Gynecology department , Diabetology department , Pediatrics department are well equipped with state of the art infrasrtucture and helmed by the leading practitioners in the respective fields .

Each speciality employs highly qualified and experienced nursing staff as well as counsellors and others to ensure that our patients receive the best possible care and support.

We offer infertility treatment to childless couple ,help them choose the right plan of treatment, counselling , follow up . we give them the individualised approach . we help them choose medical/surgical management .

SNS hospital also caters to regular out patient departments , immunization, emergencies and first aid

SNS hospital upcoming specialties are:

  • Assisted Reproduction and Infertility
  • Vascular Surgery
  • Orthopaedics
  • Trauma Care
  • Dentistry
  • Physiotherapy
  • Family Planning
  • Colposcopy

The team of Gynaecologist, Surgeon, Radiologist and Paediatrician at SNS hospital are specially trained to treat all Gynaecological, Surgical, Paediatric problems . we are well equipped to perform broad range of general and highly specialised surgical procedures

The hospital handles entire spectrum of surgeries from basic day care procedures , normal deliveries, caesarean deliveries  to highly specialised ones like laparoscopic hysterectomy , tubal recanalization , laparoscopic surgery for ectopic pregnancy  are done by Gynaecologist

General surgical procedures like appendicectomy , cholecystectomy , surgeries for hernia , cyst removal incision and drainage wound debridement are done by consultantsurgeon.

Most of the surgeries at SNS hospital are done Laparoscopically so as to enable our patients speedy recovery . We advice some patients to go home and resume normal activities the same day .

Elective Oncological resection procedures will be carried out by our experienced Oncosurgeon .

Sns hospital has an unwavering focus towards quality accreditation and patient safety . we have a keen note on the finer aspects to ensure quality care. The infrastructure of the hospital is done as per the NATIONAL ACCREDITATION BOARD OF HOSPITALS (NABH)

We take pride in introducing the fully equipped Modular Operation Theatres with Laminar air Flow Technology  with CSSD infrastructure as per NABH norms in Cuddalore district .

With The experienced and patient friendly doctors , world class equipments , trained and qualified staff and our ethical practice  we assure our patients “ you`re in safe hands “ .

We have a dedicated Obstetrician available 24 * 7 heading to the Obstetric emergencies to ensure safe delivery. Well trained in emergency Obstetrics and having worked in the premier institutes of the state we can handle all high risk obstetric case with confidence and care .

We have 24/7 functional operation theatres which is available within minutes of decision making so as to enable emergency caesarean delivery .

We have a consultant led ,  well equipped , fully airconditioned  labour ward complex so that the labouring women is taken care well . we offer instrumental delivery like forceps delivery , vaccum assisted delivery .

We offer epidural analgesia for painless delivery.

We have a  consultant led fully equipped level 1 NICU to take care of new born babies with breathing difficulties and babies with jaundice.

We have counsellors for antenatal counselling  for both mother and father to be ( before delivery ) , intrapartum  counselling and postnatal counselling  to provide psychological support to expecting mothers . Thus we ensure a happy and safe journey throughout your motherhood .

We have an upcoming postnatal gym and conference hall for baby shower .

We offer all diagnostic and medical and surgical treatment for all gynaecological problems of women like heavy menstrual bleeding, uterine pathologies like fibroid, adenomyosis , endometriosis, polyp, prolapse uterus , cervicitis , ectopic pregnancy .

We have a well equipped theatre with all facilities for laparoscopic and open surgeries .

We have consultant specialist surgeons for Gyneconcology, Tubal Surgery and Urogynecology Surgery.

Our consultant led Diabetology department offers diagnostic , prevention and treatment protocols for all diabetic patients .

We offer an individualized approach to every patient . we have a dedicated Diabetologist with world class exposure and institutional knowledge and experience .

We offer counselling sessions for prevention of complication of diabetics . we offer kidney , eye and foot care. We offer day care for patients who require insulin pumps. We offer medical treatment, insulin injections , continuous ambulatory monitoring for diabetics . insulin infusion pumps .

Continuous Glucose Monitoring-sns-hospital-neyveli

We are using the best top rated Continuous Glucose Monitoring System (CGM) FreeStyle Libre System.

We have expertise in the treatment of  pregnant women with  gestational diabetes who might or might not require insulin .

We offer state of the art diagnostic facilities like Vascular Doppler, Biothesimetry, Ccreening for Diabetic foot .

We offer diabetic foot treatment like debridement , skin grafting .

Our upcoming dialysis unit gives us hope in treating patients with renal complications.

Patients may schedule appointment by visiting the hospital reception desk between Mon – Sat 07:00 – 09:00 or by calling 94444 10811. The Emergency ward is available 24/7.

Founder & Chairman: Dr. Malarkodi Jayaraman is the Founder and Chairman of SNS Hospital

Managing Director: Dr. Sheeba Jayaraman is the Managing Director of SNS Hospital

Please visit contact us page for all your queries and redressal of grievances. You can also contact us on +91 94444 10811 number.

SNS hospital is located at #88, 89 Sri Ram Nagar, Kurinjipadi taluk, Vadakuthu. Opposite to Neyveli Arch Gate.

SNS hospital is well connected with all mode of transport. Can easily reach by Road, Air.

First appointment, please bring the following:
  • Insurance card
  • A picture Photo
  • Any previous medical records (including test results from other clinics)
  • All current medications (with prescription )
Repeat Patient Appointments
  • All current medications (with prescription )

All the medicines are provided by the hospital SNS pharmacy only.

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