Few common doubts asked by women regarding covid vaccine

  1. Can Pregnant – women receive COVID 19 vaccine ?

Joint committee on vaccination & immunization  (JCVI ) published – and continued that although the available data do not indicate any safety concern on harm to pregnancy there is insufficient–evidence to recommend  positive use of COVID 19 vaccines during pregnancy.

It is better to take risk based approach. So that pregnant women with high risk medical conditions – should consider having COVID 19 vaccine during pregnancy. It has to be individualized.

      2. Who are the vulnerable pregnant women who are bound to take the vaccine ?

  • Women on Chemotherapy/Immunotherapy/Radiotherapy.
  • Women with cancer.
  • Severe asthma/COPD.
  • Women on steroids on immunosuppressant
  • Women with spleenectomy.
  • Women with long standing kidney disease.
  • Who have an organ transplants.
  1. What if I find out that I’m pregnant after vaccination ?

The updated advice does state that women who are trying to become pregnant do not need to avoid pregnancy after vaccination. If you receive a dose of vaccine before finding out you are pregnant  You should be reassured that it will not affect the vaccines success and the risk of harm to your baby is very low.

  1. Can I have COVID 19 vaccine if I plan to become pregnant?

If you are in the vulnerable groups getting vaccinated will help prevent COVID 19 and its serious consequences.

In some cases women need to make decisions whether to delay pregnancy after vaccination.

  1. Can breast feeding women receive COVID 19 vaccine?

Breast feeding women can be offered vaccination if they are among  clinically vulnerable group or  frontline health or social we worker. Women should be informed about the lack of safety of those specific vaccinations.

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